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Tim O'Brien

Tim O’Brien: Master Storytelling Dad

Published in the May/June 2014 issue of Books Make a Difference magazine.
With more than 3 million copies of his books sold, Tim O’Brien, 67, is known for his thought-provoking stories that use the Vietnam War as a backdrop for exploring the bigger questions in life. Becoming a dad has changed Tim’s view of the world—and his writing. Although Vietnam still invades his stories, even those he tells his boys (Timmy, 10, and Tad, 8), Tim now sees life through soccer games, magic shows, and a tree house window. His current project is a book about being an older dad. [...]
Who would you invite to dinner?

Who Would You Invite to Dinner?

Published in the May/June 2014 issue of Books Make a Difference magazine.
The right dinner guest can make an evening meal more entertaining and, sometimes, even provide life lessons for a family. Sarah Smiley decided to invite a different person to dinner each week for the year her Navy husband was deployed. But it was the night she and her three young sons were unexpectedly invited to dine with a couple at an assisted living center that made her realize how much a dinner invitation can change the way you see the world. […]
Briley Rossiter

Briley Rossiter: 12-Year-Old Author Shares Voice & Feet

Published in the March/April 2014 issue of Books Make a Difference magazine.
Briley Rossiter loves to listen to music, read popular adventure books, and sometimes gets annoyed with her little brother. But she’s also a published author, with a busy schedule of events, and a philanthropist. In Born an Angel, Briley tells the story of her sister’s diagnosis with a rare nervous system disorder, her family’s response, and the exciting details of how racing together has changed their lives. The intensely-protective older sister and preteen author hopes to spread an important message about inclusion. […]
Gary Mazzone Magers & Quinn

Gary Mazzone: Matchmaking Books & Bulk Buyers

Published in the January/February 2014 issue of Books Make a Difference magazine.
There was a point a few months ago when Gary Mazzone couldn’t see his fireplace. A stack of books, mostly advance reader copies (ARCs) from hopeful publishers, filled his living room. It is a recurring theme, but the literary clutter doesn’t last long. For the past two years, Gary has made it his mission to build and create partnerships within his community by helping organizations buy meaningful books in bulk. […]

A magazine writer and editor for much of her career, Karen writes for and publishes Books Make a Difference online magazine.

She is often asked to write features or columns for various other publications and web sites as well. In this section, you’ll find links to samples of her work.